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What is Courage Cocktail Hour?

WELCOME EVERYONE to the Courage Cocktail Hour!


The Rainbow Cloud Project and First Chair Life Coaching have teamed up to bring you virtual zoom calls discussing all the things in life that take courage to tackle, talk about, and put into motion.


Each event is hosted by: 


Allison O’Beirne CLC of First Chair Life Coaching 

Cameron Stefanski, founder of The Rainbow Cloud Project.


Courage Cocktail Hour was originally created as an open forum for people to share their thoughts on whatever topic is on the table, but as we’ve grown so have our topics and ideas.


We encourage our guests to share things that they care about that take courage to unpack. 


Here are the types of virtual events we host:


  • Open table discussions: A place to share your personal thoughts and feelings regarding a specific topic.

  • Guest Speakers/Performers: A night to listen, learn, and take in new information from our guests.

  • Showcase: A night that shares and explores the lives, careers, talents, and dreams of others.

  • Celebrations and Pride: A place to gather to celebrate the good parts of life, the wins, the victories, and the pride you have for yourself.

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