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RAINBOW CLOUD STORY: Levi, "I'm autistic. Getting diagnosed at 18."

Hello!! My name is Levi, I just turned twenty recently, and I’m autistic!!

I’m going to try and keep this paragraph short + sweet because I’ve actually uploaded a YouTube video (see above and please watch) that goes a bit more in-depth about the story but, to sum things up, I wasn’t actually diagnosed with autism until I was eighteen years old. I went through elementary, middle, and high school without any sort of academic accommodations that would’ve assisted me.

I struggled a LOT socially — knowing I was “different”, feeling “weird”, but not being sure of why and not being sure what I could do to help that feeling. Getting that autism diagnosis almost two years ago gave me answers to so many of the questions that had been bugging me since middle school.

Being autistic comes with some challenges, without a doubt, but it’s never something that I’m ashamed of. I love advocating for myself and for the autistic community, I love being able to educate others about autism, and, honestly, I love answering questions.

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Anyways, that’s all I really have to say!!!

Thank y’all for listening + I hope you have a good day!!

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