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RAINBOW CLOUD STORY: Thoroughly Morgan

Hi Rainbow Cloud Chasers - Morgan here, with a PSA learning moment I had earlier this month: rather than yucking someone’s queer yum, discover a new flavor! Last week I was chatting with up and coming change maker of the LGBTQIA+ community. They asked who my queer hero was growing up, and how they affected who I am today. I thought for longer than I had anticipated, and without thinking, stated with nostalgia, and pride: “Judy Garland AS Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz”.

From across the zoom call, a 16-year-old with more insight to their queer identity than most double their age, gave me a look of confusion, disgust and finished off with a classic “rolling of the eyes” to almost de-validate, and address my answer with an entitled sense of self.

It shook me. I didn’t have the words. I felt attacked, and almost animal instinct to defend my queerness. After days of stewing on the situation, I figured out the keywords...MY queerness.

In my daily life, I try to be a beacon of authenticity for myself and for the community. As we strive to deviate from the societal norms and celebrate our differences, this was a great reminder. With new generations exploring their identities, with an advanced set of tools in their toolbox, it is important to look back on the road that’s been paved while continuing to track the map toward the future.

To not yuck someone’s queer yum, but to CELEBRATE the new flavor.

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