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the Rainbow Cloud Fund.

We established this fund to work with those who seek unrestricted financial assistance as either they are a member of the LGBTQ+ community,  

queer-owned businesses, or an organization that aligns with our mission.

You can currently support our work by -


Venmo'ing @camstefanski 

Supporting via PayPal

or purchasing a TRCP sticker here

or supporting our Protect Queer Youth campaign

In the short term, this fund will work to establish TRCP as an official not-for-profit organization that will work to create safe(r) and more equitable spaces for lgbtq+ and their allies to be seen, heard, and supported. 

We are actively working to achieve

our not-for-profit status with IRS,

and be recognized as an official public charity entity. 

We are looking for inaugural sponsors for our Rainbow Cloud Fund.

If this is something you are passionate about, 

please email us at

In the future, this fund will provide personal and organizational unrestricted impact grants or scholarships to lgbtq+ people, lgbtq+ small businesses, or small businesses or organizations providing safe spaces for queer people.


The Rainbow Cloud Fund, which has been conceived by TRCP, will generate funding to assist the LGBTQ+ community, and their allies,  online and in-person. 


Our ongoing mission in 2022 and beyond, is to provide connection and support to LGBTQ+ people, their allies, businesses, and organizations

through activism, education, & community programming.

Great ways to support TRCP that are priceless:

  • engage in conversation in your ecosystem about our project

  • become a volunteer

  • share, post, like, and comment on our media content

  • support lgbtqia+ advocacy in your community.

  • Connect with us on all social media platforms that you have!

Your support makes a huge impact

on lgbtq+ advocacy.

It keeps our creative content free and accessible to all. 

Current content includes: 

'Notes from the Rainbow Cloud'

Our podcast 'Coming out of the Storm"


Access to our Blog


Social Media Digital Advocacy

Long term content: 

Impactful Grants to lgbtq+ people, businesses, and organizations. 

Supports TRCP's work in lgbtq+ advocacy, development, education, and outreach. 

Our work centers around advocating for the lgbtq+ community and its allies. 

We create safe spaces, online and in-person, that promote inclusivity, diversity, equity, and accessibility to all. 

We believe it is pertinent to provide educational tools to all that amplify the voices of people of the lgbtq+ community. 

Supports underrepresented people, our Creative Partners, Contributors, and Rainbow Cloud Chasers. 

Your generous donation supports our team  of volunteers, contributors, and creative partners through  their work with on-going programming, digital advocacy, and educational tools with any supplies that they may need in order to do this work. 

Your monetary support allows us to continue our on-going work with creative partners to bring your engaging and exciting events.

Your gift. 

The Rainbow Cloud Project (TRCP) is currently not a 501(c)3 organization

and does not accept tax-deductible philanthropic contributions at this time.

Your support helps us continue to allow TRCP to grow our community organization and gives us the momentum to pursue upcoming initiatives and projects. 


All credit card statements, purchases, or contributions made via, or directly to

The Rainbow Cloud Project are currently organized

by Cameron Stefanski for the time being.  

You can support us right now on the following platforms:



Contact us with any suggestions or questions that you might have.

UPDATE on our start-up fundraiser:


All proceeds raised from our initial start-up fundraising campaign are administered on behalf of Go Fund Me. All proceeds were accepted by Creative Director, Cameron Stefanski. All funds will be directed to our organization's finance account which is overseen by our advisory board officers (President, VP, Treasurer, and Secretary).


We raised $890 via GoFundMe thanks to all those who donated!