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Allison O'Beirne

Creative Partner, The Rainbow Cloud Project
Certified Life Coach 
Founder/Owner of First Chair Life Coaching
Co-Host/Co-Founder of Courage Cocktail Hour
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A message from Allison ---> 

Greetings everyone, my name is Allison O'Beirne! I’m a certified life coach, Owner, and Founder of First Chair Life Coaching, proud Michigander, and lover of all things nature. I am so honored to be a Creative Partner with The Rainbow Cloud Project. I am excited to share my personal story with you. I hope that my story will help you understand my devotion to creating safe spaces for all.  

The first thing I have to share about myself is probably the most important thing. I am an empath. I feel what others feel even if we are not in the same room. I can sense when something is “off” by feeling the energy of people around me. I can tell when people are lying, whether it's to themselves or others. I care so deeply for others, that oftentimes I forget to give myself that same care and affection. Being an empath has impacted my life since day one. I was the kid that always wanted to help, lend a hand, keep things fair, and seek the truth. If someone got hurt on the playground, I would gladly cut my recess time short to sit with that friend. Doing the right thing just felt good, yeah know? And my parents always encouraged me to keep it up!


As I grew older I started to realize that being an empath meant having a huge target on my back. If I cried, I was “overly emotional”. If I helped someone less fortunate or gave someone a hand, I was “weak-minded” or “naive”. If I challenged a situation that was clearly wrong or hurtful to someone, I was “too sensitive”. Finding a career that accepted me for who I am as an empath was a lot harder than expected. For many years I jumped from job to job searching for a community of people that accepted kindness, love, and honesty as a co-worker.


In 2013 I stumbled upon the Oakland Community College ASL Interpreter Training Program and I was HOOKED! I found a group of like-minded individuals who were all about unity, support, kindness, and love! When I graduated from the program I was sad to leave my cohort, and I wasn't really sure if the interpreting world, as a career choice, would fit with who I am.


A few months after leaving the program and going through state certification tests, I realized I wanted to do something else. As much as I loved the Deaf culture and community, I didn't feel ready to be an interpreter. I wanted to use the skills that I had from being an empathic human. Those things that made me “weak” or “overly emotional” I saw as my strengths! I wanted a career where I could be exactly who I am, while also helping and supporting people around me.


So, in 2019 I graduated from the Life Purpose Institute with my certification as a Life Coach and opened my own coaching business, First Chair Life Coaching. As a life coach, I help successful people achieve their goals faster and easier than if they were working alone. I am your partner. Your teammate. Your supporter. Your friend. I have always loved watching other people find happiness, reach their goals, or catch their dreams, and now I get to do it for a living!

In addition to life coaching, I have loved partnering with my creative business partner, Cameron Stefanski, and The Rainbow Cloud Project, to bring you all events that bring us all together to unpack the things that take courage to explore. 

If you are looking for a safe place to share your thoughts, feelings, and plans for the future, I am right here waiting for you! Together we will embrace who you are, flaws and all, and find a path in life that fits with YOU. 



Be Well & Seek Joy


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